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10 Reasons You Should Retire in Tiki Island, Galveston

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Retirement is a significant milestone and something you’ve worked hard to reach the majority of your life. That’s why you should reward yourself accordingly and find a spot that lets you unwind and enjoy life’s pleasures anytime you wish.

Tiki Island is just the place, and here are ten reasons why we think so:tiki island logo

1. You can go fishing anytime at the nearby Jones Bay. Also known as Jones Lake, this favorite fishing spot is a little over half a mile away from Tiki Island. Those who love to kick back with their line out waiting for the perfect catch will find a variety of fish including drum, black drum, red drum, gulf flounder, spotted sea trout, flounder, and redfish.

2. Island life is best when close to the mainland. Galveston is just a hop, skip, and a jump away across I-45, where you can find unique mansions, nightlife, sandy beaches, ghost tours through historic downtown, and great shopping. A fun fact for all you history buffs, Galveston was the primary port for the Texas Navy during the Texas Revolution, and the history goes even further back than that with Native Americans’ residency and more.

3. Tiki Island is one of the most coveted communities for vacationers and retirees alike along the American coastline. The community is vibrant with people who enjoy the slow island life. Retiring in a spot like Tiki Island means your days are a bit slow, your dinner is fresh, and your mind is at ease with the sound of white-capped waves beneath the view of fiery sunsets right off your back deck.

4. Tiki Island provides plenty of fun for the whole family. Moody Gardens is a favorite spot to see all kinds of sea life such as sharks, stingrays, seals, and more. The space is set up to be educational for visitors and gives all ages a chance to have a bit of fun while learning something new.

5. Birds migrate through this area, making it a haven for dedicated bird lovers and amateurs alike. During the spring and fall months, residents and vacationers can enjoy watching the birds fly at the local state park and even check out the annual spring Feather Fest.

6. Get a breath of fresh air at Galveston State Park. Pack up your tent, trail shoes, and firestarters because this local state park is close by and beckoning visitors to explore its sandy beaches and forested hiking trails.

7. Your back porch will become your new favorite hangout. Most houses on the island sit right on the water, meaning you can go for a swim, cast a line, or enjoy the views right at home. With your family, friends, and neighbors, you will have the spot everyone will want to come hang out at and relax.

8. The real estate market is hot. With the average home costing $580,000, options range from affordable to luxurious making it a location for a wide variety of retirees to enjoy.

9. Traffic isn’t a thing. Let’s face it, there are many places you could retire to, but choosing a spot that’s low-key and intimate will help make your retirement as stress-free and comfortable as it can be. With a population of only 873 and a median age of 58, Tiki island is small, community-centered, and ideal for someone looking to spend their late years carefree.

10. The culture is colorful and rife with entertainment. Every six weeks or so, you will find the ArtWalk on the Strand in Galveston, where you can enjoy local and international artists’ work while sipping a glass of wine. You can also visit Elissa, which is a small dockside museum featuring a ship from 1877. There’s even a chance to let down your hair and have some fun at the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, which has rides for all ages, boardwalk eats, and games.

You can do everything or nothing at all on Tiki Island, and that’s what makes it an ideal place to retire. Your retirement is yours to design, and we think this small island gives you all the tools you need to make it your own.

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