Advertising Tips for Renting Your Beach House During the Busy Summer Months

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The Internet boom has created more opportunities for vacation rentals than ever before. An entire industry has been revitalized thanks to smartphones and free apps that allow homeowners and tourists to connect with one another easily. Summer is just around the corner, and with it come thousands of beachgoers that are eagerly looking for a place to stay. In anticipation of the summer rush, we’re including some great tips to get renters to stay at your beach house during their vacation.

Take Advertising Seriously

Finding a beach house has never been easier for consumers, but the benefit of reaching more vacationers also has a significant drawback for homeowners. Beach travelers have a lot more options to choose from, and that means that marketing your home has become more competitive. In today’s market, you need to be aware of this factor and do a good job advertising your rental property.

Add Value, Not Price

As homeowners, we pay attention to the value of our homes in different ways than renters will. You may be interested in investing money in renovations, new paint, and a total landscape job, but it’s important to consider what your customers desire in a rental. The most important aspect of your guest’s experience is the comfort and interior space of the home. If you decide to invest money into your rental property, do it with the greater community in mind. You don’t want to paint the walls multiple colors and add a fireplace next to the oven. Instead, keep changes elegant and professional so you can appeal to a broader demographic.

Provide a Great Guest Experience

People want to have a great time on vacation, and you can make a little to go a long way for your guests. Communication is key to providing an excellent guest experience, but you don’t want to overdo it. Providing a guest book with easily-accessible information can be a great way to answer your guests’ questions without having to do a lot of work. We recommend having a little binder to keep on the coffee table with information like the WiFi Password, TV channel guide, instructions for Netflix, and maybe even a list of your favorite restaurants. You don’t have to go all-out, but a simple, well-organized packet of information is a reassuring feeling for newcomers.

Tips for renting out your beach house to guests

Pictures Are Worth More Than a Thousand Words

The old saying is true, and it makes a difference in the beach rental market. With apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, picture sharing has never been so important. That’s why it is critical to provide high-quality pictures for potential renters to review. The pictures will say a lot about your property, and you should expect harsh judgment from online viewers. You do not want to include any “photography magic” to conceal aspects of the property that is less flattering. Instead, you should take high-resolution pictures with a good camera and post as many as you can. This will establish trust before your guests even get there, and they are more likely to let little problems slide.

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