Are Timeshare Beach Houses Worth It?

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Buying a house can be costly, so not many people purchase homes solely for a vacation. Instead, many opt for a hotel or crash on a family member’s couch. While there’s nothing wrong with either of these choices, it does feel nice to have some ownership of beachfront property.

Many people are starting to go for a timeshare service so that they can fully take charge of wherever they’re staying. If you’re unsure of whether or not to invest in a beachfront timeshare, here are a few pros and cons!


  • It’s easy housing.

Once you purchase your part of a timeshare, you no longer have to worry about a hotel being booked or the prices going up unexpectedly. The timeshare is yours and yours only for the time that you’ve selected. This is great for large families who would otherwise have to go through the struggle of finding multiple hotel rooms that are connected or next to each other.

  • You could make money off of it.

If you can’t go on vacation every year, you might want to think about subleasing your part of the timeshare. If done well, you could stand to make a decent chunk of change on it!

  • You save a ton of money.

With a timeshare, you get what you pay for, and that means you don’t have to pay for it all year. This is great because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to continuously pay rent somewhere if you only live there a couple of weeks out of the year.


  • The weather could change at the last moment.

If you own your own house, you could visit the beach whenever you wanted! But, with timeshares, you can only stay during your allotted time. If the weather is bad during that time then you’re out of luck unless someone else wants to share/let you buy their time.

  • The time is rigid.

Some people love the fact that you have a set period of time in which you can visit the beach. Others, not so much. It can be hard to free everyone’s schedule for a vacation, and there’s always the risk that someone’s not free to go on a trip during one set window of time.

  • Depreciation.

The minute you purchase almost any piece of property, it begins to lose a bit of value. Over time, you may use your timeshare less and less, which can cause you to lose the money that you need. And because most timeshares are purchased under lifelong contracts, you might not have an easy way out of this one.

  • Hidden fees may run rampant.

You’ll also be on the hook for maintenance fees, as well as other unexpected costs. Utility bills and property taxes can quickly become a major financial burden, especially as the cost of living rises. While timeshares may be affordable at first glance, they can quickly skyrocket and put a strain on someone’s wallet.

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