Beach House Decorating Ideas

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Turning your beach house into a beach home takes some thoughtful work. It can be tempting to adopt a stereotypical theme for a waterfront home, but seashells, anchors, and ropes are overused clichés. Instead of going the expected route, try these beach house decorating ideas instead.

Like a True Sailor

Avoiding clichés doesn’t mean you have to ignore nautical themes entirely. A subtle sailor style can look both beachy and chic at the same time. A key element for this decor is faded furniture. Sun-bleached furniture tops fit in nicely next to the water. These pair well with light colored fabrics and ocean styles. This look does best in a bedroom. You want to give your house a worn charm without it overtaking the house. Nautical themed wall art completes the sailor theme.

Simple Says More

Most modern waterfront homes take advantage of their open space rather than trying to fill it up. Embracing a minimalist room layout can seem wildly different than the traditional designs that we are accustomed to in a beach home. With thought, you can create a space that is modern without feeling empty. The key to pulling off a modern design is creating a focal point in the room. If you’re designing the dining room, ensure that the dining table holds your attention while in the room. If you’re thinking about the living room, be sure that the sofa dominates your field of vision rather than awkward bits of empty space. When thinking of a patio or porch, utilize a firepit for your focal point. Instead of covering up empty space, take advantage of it as a space for guests to use and move around in comfortably. It is important to note that when you use minimal furniture, every piece is going to stand out more than it normally would. Choose furniture with designs and patterns that stand out and hold focus.

Take Advantage of Windows and Natural Light

The best part of a beach home is the natural landscape in which it is placed. You’re overlooking sand and waves. You have sunlight uninterrupted by high trees and a consistent breeze from the coast. If you’re looking to do some serious renovation, skylights are a great way to keep the house lit and beautiful during the day.

If we’re sticking to windows, make sure to install some linen curtains that blow in and add to the beachside feel. The material frames the view without overpowering the senses. Putting in seating arrangements next to windows allows guests to enjoy the view and relax next to the natural light.

Coastal Clad

The faded wood finish that you see in traditional coastal houses is charming in its own way. The kitchen is a great place to expand on these themes. Utilizing white-washed cladding instantly gives a kitchen that shabby chic feel. Contrast this with dark, grey tones on your cabinets to make the white-wash cladding pop. Old school items take a new form in this kitchen. Try hanging up mugs or installing a plate rack to combine the modern with the traditional.

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