Beach House Decorations for Halloween

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Spook season is upon us. A shipwreck theme is the classic Halloween look for beach homes, but there are plenty of other decor options with more subtlety and elegance. No need to unpack the fog machine and rubber spiders this year. Check out some of our favorite beach home Halloween decorations.

The decorating ideas in this blog are based around a certain room or furniture piece. Because of this, you have the option to pick and choose from these ideas. Deciding not to include one decor option won’t leave the house feeling incomplete.

Front Porch

The front porch is the first impression guests get of your home. You want it to be warm and inviting all while proudly showing the work you put into the house. We like finding old wooden crates and piling in small gourds painted with light colors. Lightly colored gourds will contrast any plants you have, making the green pop. Light colored rocking chairs match the pumpkins and provide a similar effect. If you have stairs leading up to the porch, carve out a jack-o-lantern for every step. Lining the steps provides a symmetrical and inviting glow in the evening. Place a wicker wreath on the front door for an elegant fall touch.


The mantle is an opportunity to let your creativity shine as the seasons change. During the fall we like to display some seashells and starfish to keep with the beach home feel, but change up the color scheme. Add in brightly colored fall leaves and a small gourd for eye-catching color. The mantle can display warm reds, oranges, and yellows during October instead of the typical aquatic blue.


Wreaths work as an accent piece at several different spots in the house. A customized wicker wreath combines the fall and beach house theme perfectly. Take a plain wreath made of wicker or wood and hot glue some beach house treasure troves onto it. Starfish and seashells attach easily and are light enough to hang. This wreath will fit just about anywhere you’d like in your home. Proudly display it on an exterior door, the mantle, or in the dining room.

Dining Room

A nice Halloween set-up on the dining room table can take the entire room to the next level. Replace regular linens with a dark yellow tablecloth and decorate the center table with small decorative pumpkins painted red, green, and silver. If your table is circular, place a blooming bouquet in the center and litter the decorative gourds around the centerpiece.

Back Porch

The back porch is where most of us dry off and hang out after a day at the beach, so it’s liable to get pretty sandy. If you don’t mind some extra sand, we love the added touch of sand pumpkins. Carve out sea themed designs into a pumpkin, cover the gourd in mod podge, and roll in sand. Lightly brush the sand for an even coat and you’ve got yourself some adorable accent pieces for the back porch.

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