Best Beaches to Visit During the Fall

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For many, the beach season lasts from late May to the end of August. For us Texans, though, the beach season lasts a little longer, simply because it stays hot almost all year round. This means that Texans can take advantage of the beaches the Lone Star State has to offer during the fall months, but knowing which beach to go to can post a significant challenge. How do we know which beaches are worth going to in the fall? How do we know which beaches won’t be too cold? After all, a cold beach is no fun!

If you’ve ever wondered which Texas beaches you should visit in the fall, look no further! Check out our carefully curated list down below.

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is the perfect beach destination for the fall, as it allows you to enjoy the cooler fall temperatures without it being too cold. Temperatures during the fall months usually fall around the high 70s to the low 80s. If, for whatever reason, you still find it too cold or want to do something else besides the beach, the area is full of restaurants and shops for you to enjoy during your trip. For those of you with families, this would be an ideal time to visit so that you can avoid the craziness that come on South Padre from the Spring Break and summer months.

Galveston Island

For many, Galveston Island is the ideal beach spot in Texas. When we think of Texas beaches, people usually think of Galveston. Going during the fall is a great option because it is not as crowded as it would normally be during the summer. Like South Padre Island, Galveston Island has many other things for you to do besides the beach, like a stroll along the iconic Galveston boardwalk.

Boca Chica

This option is great for true beach and outdoor lovers, especially those who want to unplug for a weekend. Boca Chica is just a little bit south of South Padre Island, but has much less of a city vibe than South Padre does. Keep in mind, however, that going to Boca Chica is not like going to another beach in Texas. There are not showers or portapotties — so it is truly an outdoor experience. However, if you decide that you want a little bit of city life while you’re there, the city of Brownsville is not far away.

Additional Tips

It is important to keep in mind that while it may be fall, it can still be hot and sunny out. Therefore, it is vital that you and your family use sunscreen and other protective measures at the beach. Remember to follow all the typical beach safety rules in order to keep you and your family safe. Only go on the beach when a lifeguard is present, and make sure to stay away from any dangerous wildlife, such as jellyfish. Have fun!

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