Best Places to Surf in Texas

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Texas is most widely known for things like good BBQ, ranching, and oil money. But the truth is, Texas is a big state. It spans across several different types of terrain, including over 350 miles of coastline adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. Along this wide swath of coastline, there is plenty of surfing to be had. The surfing community is not as big as it is on the west coast, so finding out about the best spots takes time. Read through our list of the best places to catch some waves in Texas.

Bob Hall Pier – Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi has two public beaches, Corpus Christi Beach and McGee Beach. All along these two beaches you can find some of the best surfing in all of Texas. The best among them is Bob Hall Pier. This is the city’s biggest party beach and its premier surfing location. Waves in the area are consistently waist to head high.

Corpus is a flat plain against the water, which gives it one of the highest average wind speeds among U.S. coastal cities. This makes it a great destination for kiteboarding and windsurfing as well.

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is the number one surf destination in all of Texas. Aside from a couple weeks in March when college students visit for spring break and raze the city, South Padre is a quiet beach town. The continental shelf sits close to Padre’s shoreline and creates great surfing waves. Near the south end of town are the South Padre Island Jetties. These border the Brazos Santiago Pass and produce the best swells in town.

Across the waterway sits Boca Chica. This surfing area remains isolated year round due to being a long drive from the rest of the town. Boca Chica produces awesome peak waves that make barrels on occasion. You can enjoy your surfing in peace at this quiet spot, but it will cost you some driving time. In order to access the area, you must leave South Padre Island. If you’re staying in South Padre, you will tack on a couple hours of extra driving per day.


Matagorda sits at the tipping point where the Gulf of Mexico’s water turns from clear and inviting to a murky brown. The beach sits next to a deep ocean floor that ascends rapidly into sandbars. This makes for fast waves with an impressive swell by the time they hit the coast. These waves are quick and come with a lot of energy. If you’re trying your hand at surfing for the first time at Matagorda, you’ll be learning a lot about adjusting quickly.

Matagorda sits near the Colorado River and the Gulf of Mexico’s intersection. The spot remains secluded because it’s not near any major towns, but you’re likely to meet some other surfers if you hang out long enough.

Though Texas is not known for its surfing, you’ll be able to hang ten just like the Hawaiians and Californians at any of these great surfing spots along the Texas coast.

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