Best Speakers for Your Beach House

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No beach house is complete without a quality outdoor stereo system. How will we know that “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” without Jimmy Buffet to remind us? Picking the speaker set that is right for you and your beach house can be tricky. Some speakers can fill an entire patio with sound while others are best kept indoors. Some speakers are more portable than others, and some speakers can even double as patio decor. To help you get the perfect outdoor stereo layout, we’ve found the best speakers that can set the mood and stand the weather on your beachfront property.

Aomais Go 30W

The Aomais Go’s hard shell casing makes this speaker great for outdoor use. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof. Although it works great next to the pool or sitting in the sand, we don’t recommend that it goes for an extended swim. The Bluetooth connection allows you to keep your phone in a safe place while connected. The wide-front speaker is larger than most portable speakers on the market, and it provides a loud sound that can fill any indoor setting. The Aomais Go also works nicely for intimate outdoor environments, and the speaker can last up to 30 hours after a full charge, so it works when you’re looking to go off the grid. $70

Sound Appeal Patio Speakers

Sound Appeal’s outdoor patio speakers are great if you’re looking for a more permanent fixture. The speaker set comes in a pair, with each standing at 10 inches high. The dual speakers connect to a standard power 110-volt power outlet. Although the speaker size compromises portability, these speakers have the best outdoor sound potential on our list. These speakers easily fill a patio, deck, or pavilion with great sound, and they’re great for a party setting. $139

FosPower Portable Speakers

FosPower’s portable Bluetooth speaker is ipx7 rated—for the layman, this means that you can fully submerge this speaker in up to three feet of water for an extended period of time. Lightweight enough to float on water, you can drop it in the pool and let it ride the waves. Its portable nature makes it, so it’s also good to clip on your backpack during a hike. The FosPower speaker comes with a charger; the battery lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. This is our smallest speaker on the list. FosPower compensates for this by allowing you to connect two speakers to one device to amplify your sound. $20

Theater Solution Granite Rock Speakers

Theater Solution’s speaker set comes with four outdoor rock speakers that blend in great with your beach house’s outside decor. Each rock sits at eight inches tall and weighs just under four pounds. The speakers sit at a 20-degree angle, allowing you to project sound across your entire yard. The most permanent fixture on our list, these speakers are not Bluetooth compatible. They require a separate receiver to power them. $99

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which set of speakers you choose, as long as you get a system that can play your favorite tunes while you’re enjoying your beach house this summer!

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