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Best Texas Beaches Ranked

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With so many great beach destinations, it’s hard to decide which beach to visit first. Here are some of the best Texas beaches around!

The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the open skies of Texas come together to create amazing coastal scenery. Texas has nearly 400 miles of coast to explore, and that makes it a great place to take the family for fun in the summer sun. With so many great beach destinations, it’s hard to decide which beach to visit first. Here are some of the best Texas beaches around!

South Padre Island

sunset on padre
This is simply a tropical paradise, and it tops the list. The barrier island is 34 miles long and is home to wonderful people, exciting activities, and an amazing beach. Many people enjoy horseback riding along the water, sipping a delicious cocktail as the sun sets, and taking a boat to watch the dolphins swim. There are a lot of opportunities to go out and have fun around the town, and there are several dining options so you can truly enjoy your vacation. Unlike some of the other beaches on this list, South Padre Island was left completely untouched by 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, and it is still remains a beautiful place where everyone can have a good time.

Boca Chica

This beach starts the list because of its stunning nature and beauty. Without large crowds of people, Boca Chica is tranquil, and the animals thrive here. The sand is clean and soft under your feet, and the air smells so fresh. It’s the perfect place to snorkel, fly a kite, watch the birds, or have a romantic picnic. Located just east of Brownsville, Boca Chica is technically a beach that is owned and operated as a Texas state park. There are no restaurants to grab a bite to eat and no park facilities, making this the perfect beach to explore the natural wonder of the Texas coast.

Crystal Beach

This beach is seven miles long, and located on the Bolivar Peninsula, along the Galveston Bay. The sand sparkles along the coast, and this is really a great beach to go fishing or crabbing. If you are interested in sleeping near the water, Crystal Beach has cabins that families can rent, and this stretch of the coast is usually less crowded than other beaches in the area. When plans quickly change, there is a ferry that runs back and forth to Galveston 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Matagorda Bay

This nature park is picture-perfect, and a great place to kayak, surf, and watch the birds. With 55 miles of beach along the bay, there are plenty of opportunities to hang out around a laid back crowd of people or venture down the coast for an isolated adventure. The Matagorda Bay even has a cast iron lighthouse that was built in 1852, and it still stands next to the bright blue waters of the bay.

Rockport Beach

still thriving
Perfect for kids who want to swim and parents trying to relax, this beach has small waves and rarely has undertows. The beach faces Aransas Bay, and it is considered one of the cleanest beaches along the Texas coast. It’s packed with restaurants, gift shops, and a huge 1,500 foot pier. With so much happening at this beach, there is always something to do.

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