Cleaning the Exterior of Your Beach House for Spring

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For beach house owners, the weeks and months between Spring Break and summer give you the perfect opportunity to assess the exterior of your home and thoroughly clean it before the busy spring and summer seasons. Often, the reasons that make visiting the beach so appealing are the same ones that can leave your home looking a little less than stellar. With constant sun exposure and the mixture of sand, salt, and water hitting your home, maintaining a beautiful looking house on the outside takes work, especially during the springtime.

A majority of homeowners spend a lot of time, thought, and energy designing and decorating the interior of their beach house that they forget to extend that same level of care and attention to detail to the exterior. Whether you have friends and family visiting or are trying to rent your vacation property to others, the outside of the home is the first thing they see walking up or looking at photos on the internet. But by providing a little TLC to the outside of your home before the busy summer season arrives you can make your property more attractive to potential renters and ensure your summer is full of wonderful memories with friends and family.

Tips for Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

When you start assessing the areas of your beach house that need attention, start with clearing up that beautiful ocean view. Salt in the air can quickly dirty up windows and cleaning them can take a lot of work and attention. For windows with a thick layer of salt scum, use white vinegar in a spray bottle and apply to windows, let it sit, and then scrub with a brush. From there, you can use a house to rinse the windows from the outside and dry with newspaper.

For your exterior paneling, start by using a power washer to knock off any salt scum and dirt for a quick clean. However, they may be some instances when you need a fresh coat of paint, especially if it’s been a few years. Homes facing south or west experience extensive sun exposure during the summer months causing bleaching, fading, bubbling, and peeling on your paint job. With summer beach homes, it’s not unusual to touch up your paint or repaint every couple years.

Along with the windows and paneling, cleaning your deck and outdoor area is vital to ensuring a safe and enjoyable spring and summer at the beach. Keep a sturdy broom on your porch at all times to perform routine sweeps to remove dust and sand. You can also use a power washer to blast away any tough stains or sand build up.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to check the gutters for leaves and clean them out. Not only does this make the exterior more appealing, but it also reduces the risk for a fire. Dead leaves are extremely flammable and by removing them you are protecting yourself and your guests.

Before the weather gets too warm and your beach house is full of friends, family, and renters, take the time to clean the exterior of your home to keep it looking beautiful all spring and summer long.

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