Four Reasons to Enjoy a Beach Vacation

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As we transition into the heat of the summer, and with the kids out of school, you may want to get away from the stresses of work and your daily routine. The beaches of Texas offer a respite from the extreme heat and fast pace of city life and offer a variety of different activities and lodging options on any budget. Here are a few of many reasons you should hit the beach this summer:

A beach vacation is possible on any budget

From high-end, all-inclusive resorts at South Padre Island and time-shared beach houses in Port Aransas to low-cost AirBNBs and hotels, there are beach accommodation options to fit any budget. No matter if it is you and your spouse, your family or with friends, the variety of accommodation options ensure that you will have something to fit both your budget and your needs. Furthermore, public beach access is generally free in Texas, so actually going to the beach is never an issue of cost!

Beach vacations are family-friendly

A beach vacation can always be made family friendly. The wide array of activities in Galveston, such as the wildlife of Moody Gardens and the thrill rides of Pleasure Pier can make a perfect part of any Texas beach itinerary. In Port Aransas, fishing piers and a wide variety of on-shore activities give you and the family plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. During the summertime, you will also encounter fewer groups of hard-partying college students than during the traditional spring break college vacation season.

Beach vacations offer a great opportunity to go off the grid

The stresses of work in the modern era come home with our phones. Going to the beach can give you the opportunity to power off your phone while you spend time at the beach with friends and family. Better yet, power down your phone and leave it back in your hotel room. Depending on where you go, such as in some of the further reaches of the Padre Island National Seashore, you may not even have cell phone service.

The food is diverse and delicious

There is no shortage of great food to be found along the Texas Gulf Coast. In Port Aransas, you can often buy fresh right off of the boats each morning. The upscale seafood restaurants of Galveston often feature fresh catches from the Gulf of Mexico, and throughout the coast, you can find a wide variety of fish options and cooking styles. No beach vacation is complete without savoring some of the local seafood dishes.

No matter the reason for your getaway, the beaches of Texas provide an excellent variety of options for any taste, group and budget. From the seafood to loads of activities along the beach and fresh ocean air, go forth and enjoy the beach this summer.

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