Frugal Fun for Kids at the Beach

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Summer is here, and that means piling the family into the car and headed out for a day at the beach. Some of us are fortunate to live close to the water, so the drive down there isn’t too expensive. Others are landlocked, and a trip to the beach is going to be a little more pricey. If this sounds like you, check out these ways to save money and have some inexpensive fun in the sun.


This sounds a little obvious, but swimming in the ocean is an overlooked pastime at the beach. Swimming costs no money, and it’s always fun to splash around in the water with the whole family. To turn things up a notch, snorkels run fairly cheap at most stores. Giving a kid a snorkel allows them to explore the water that they’re in! In addition to swimming underwater, snorkeling lets kids explore life under the sea. They will see all the fish and flora that live underwater, turning their outing into an educational experience.

Have a picnic

Concession stands can get pricey. Hot dogs, soda, and cotton candy can add up quickly if an entire family is eating. Packing a picnic saves money while also letting the kids enjoy a meal at the beach. Bonus: prior to leaving for the beach, the whole family can make the lunch together, bonding and learning responsibility.

Bury someone in the sand

If you’re a parent, it’s pretty much a rite of passage that your kids are going to bury you in the sand. It’ll take a while for them to get it done and it costs nothing. Make sure they don’t bury your head, though!

Collect seashells

Kids love collecting things, and seashells are a unique souvenir that they will treasure forever. Give them a bucket or small jar and set them loose! Chances are, they’ll find some pretty cool stuff. On top of this, they’ll see how it pays off to work hard and focus on a task. By the end of the day, they’ll have a new decoration for their rooms at home that is one-hundred percent unique to them while also showing off what is sure to be an amazing memory for them.

Play some frisbee

Almost any store is going to sell frisbees for dirt-cheap prices. It’s a fun sport for all ages, and everyone loves a little competition, right? A nice game of monkey in the middle creates healthy competition at a low price. Plus, if anyone trips during the game, they’ll be in the sand so they’re unlikely to get hurt.

Build sandcastles

Buckets and shovels are cheap tools that’ll go a long way at the beach. If you’re looking to make it a contest, each kid can compete to make the most elaborate castle. Bonus points can be awarded for interesting features, like moats or seashell decorations. Let their creative juices flow and see what they can come up with!

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