Fun ‘Outside the Box’ Things To Do at the Beach

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Listen, going to the beach is always a fun experience. For those living in the cities or the suburbs, going to the beach can offer a complete change of pace that makes us forget about our obligations.

However, sometimes doing the same thing over and over at the beach can get a little repetitive. Sometimes we can get bored of swimming, building sandcastles, and just laying in the sun.

If you get restless at the beach and want to add something new to your vacation routine, check out our list below of fun beach activities you may not have ever heard of. You might just find your favorite new activity!

  • Bonfires!

Before trying this activity out, make sure that it is allowed by the beach you are currently vacationing at. Many spots don’t allow for an open fire at the beach, but some do. Bonfires are the perfect night activity — for when it is too dark and cold to get into the water. You can make s’mores and enjoy the company of your loved ones, all while staying warm — remember, it can get cold at the beach at night!

  • Scavenger Hunt

This activity is great especially if you have little ones — they can learn about the world around them while still having fun. Create a scavenger hunt for your whole family, including sights typically found at the beach — make sure to include some harder to find things to keep the game interesting! You can customize it to include some sights native to the particular beach that you’re visiting. If you’re at Galveston, for example, you may want to include some sights on the boardwalk!

  • Picnic

A day at the beach certainly increases everybody’s appetite. Our bodies are constantly in motion — whether we’re running on the sand or enjoying a dip in the water. Plus, the sun makes everything even more tiring. Having a picnic on the beach allows you to entertain your family and keep them fed at the same time! Everyone usually has picnics in the park, but having one at the beach is a great change of scenery. Additionally, bringing your own food from home is much cheaper than going out to restaurants right on the beach! Save money and have fun!

  • Fly Kites

Beaches are wide, open spaces — perfect for kites! You should be able to find some kites your beach day at the local stores near the beach. This activity is especially fun for little ones — they’ll love watching their kite fly high in the sky!

  • Watch the Sunset

The perfect end to the perfect beach day is to watch the sun! Find out what time the sun is setting in your area — you should be able to just Google that — and watch the beautiful sunset with your entire family! This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beach at night before it gets too cold or too dark!

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