How to Screen for Nightmare Guests

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There are plenty of nightmare guest stories floating amongst vacation rental property owners. Scammers and over-needy guests are the bane of service providers. Some guests simply leave a large mess, while others are inconsiderate in ways that have you losing time and money. No one wants to book a guest that will cause them an excess amount of toil. Taking these preventative measures into consideration will save you money and help to avoid unpleasant experiences with guests.

Make Expectations Explicit

You may have left a list of owner expectations on the kitchen counter, but these lists are impersonal, and some people may not know to look for them if they’re renting for the first time. Because of this, be sure to review all guidelines with your renter over the phone and see if they need any special accommodations. First time renters may be unfamiliar with things like security deposits, and early communication can save you a heated conversation later.

Anticipate Potential for Confusion

Some renters are going to be more high maintenance than others, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad guests. New parents want to make sure their children are safe but may not know what they need to be aware of when staying in your home. Pet owners, new parents, and parents of children with disabilities all have highly unique needs. Try to put yourself in the renter’s shoes and anticipate what they may need to know about your home. As you become better at anticipating individual guests needs, you will be able to provide a better experience.

Speak Precisely To Your Home’s Condition

It is the duty of the owner to provide a “clean home” for guests to stay in, but this phrase means different things depending on where your home is located. It is important to make clear that your home will be neat and orderly for guests, but beach houses are located in a unique climate. Because of this, it is impossible to remove every grain of sand from the couch or every chip of paint from the porch. Guests that are unable to understand this may cause you quite a headache.

Set Clear Boundaries

The most inconsiderate guests will want to have property owners at their beck and call. It is natural guests will want to reach you with a question or two, but they should do so in an appropriate manner. Make it clear when you are available to speak on the phone during the day hours and that you will not be available during the late evening. If guests have a problem with this, it should raise a red flag, and you may want to reconsider their stay.

Speak With Guests After Arrival

Set a phone call after your guests have settled into their rooms. At this point, they should have seen the entirety of your property, and you have the opportunity to make sure that everything is up to their standards. Dealing with issues at the start of a trip will make your guests’ experience all the better and could save you from dealing with scammers who try to file a complaint at the end of their stay.

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