Protecting Phones on the Beach

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With summer almost here, you’re probably pulling out the sunscreen, beach umbrellas, and bathing suits from storage to get ready for those hot, sunny days at the beach. Protecting your skin is admirable, but don’t forget to add a few things to your beach bag to protect your phone and other electronics.

Beaches are filled with all kinds of hazards for electronics. The heat, sand, and water form a perfect trifecta of risks to your phone. Keep it cool, scratch-free, and dry this year with the following products that can help you beach-proof your phone:

Make it Waterproof

• Waterproof cases like OtterBox, Lifeproof, and DryCase are pricey yet effective ways to protect your phone or other electronics at the beach.
• Plastic Ziploc bags are a cheaper way to protect your phone from water and sand while at the beach. They can also keep your screen clean from greasy hands that have been applying sunscreen—or snacking on chips.
• Beach spikers are plastic cup holders with spikes that anchor your drink to the sand, but it’s also an excellent place to keep your phone dry during your time on the beach.
• Hair dryers are the best way to immediately dry a soaking wet phone. You may have heard of storing the phone in rice, but before you do that, use a blow dryer on medium heat to remove the bulk of moisture. If that doesn’t work, then resort to putting the phone in rice overnight to get the last remnants of water out.

Keep it Free of Sand

• Dust plugs prevent sand and other debris from getting into the earphone jack on your phone. Amazon has plenty of options, from jewel-encrusted elephants to no-nonsense sleek, black plugs.
• Sticky tape can help lift sand off your phone. Wrap some tape around your hands, like you are trying to remove lint, and repeatedly press on the phone to remove the sand without scratching your screen.
• Specially designed wipes for phones are a good idea to take with you to the beach. Wipe down your phone whenever you handle it with greasy or sandy hands.
• Cheap cuticle pushers make excellent tools for getting those stubborn grains of sand out of corners or edges of your phone.

Avoid Heat Exposure

• Beach towels with pockets are a great option for keeping your phone nice and cool. The towels’ pockets are designed specifically for phones to help them stay out of the sun. According to Apple, you want to keep your phone within the temperature range of 32 to 95 degrees.
• Don’t leave your phone in the car. Though you may ensure your phone won’t get wet, you’ll also likely fry it in the oven-like heat that a car generates when sitting in the sun all day.
• If your phone is starting to overheat, cool it in front of a fan or blow dryer on the cold setting. If that doesn’t lower the temperature, turn your phone off to protect it from permanent heat damage.
• The more you do on your phone, the faster it will heat up. Turn off notifications, lower the screen lighting, and even consider airplane mode if your phone is starting to overheat.

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