Rainy Day Beach Activities

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Rainy days at the beach can hinder weekend plans, but they don’t mean you can’t have fun. Rain usually keeps us cooped up inside. This is a great opportunity to bond with the family or sit down and focus on those pet projects we never seem to get around to. Check out our list of fun rainy day beach activities if you’re looking for something to do this drizzly afternoon.

Bust out a Board Game

From Monopoly to Risk to Sorry, there are hundreds of fun board games for people of all ages. Bust out Sorry or Jenga to play with young children. Cards Against Humanity is a fun and hilarious game for the adults. Our personal favorite, however, is Catan. Equal parts strategy and luck, this game is great for kids and adults both. The 90 minute play time means you don’t have to commit the whole day to playing either. If you forgot to pack a board game, you’re in luck. There are several games that now have downloadable versions for the phone. Also, games like charades only need paper and something to write with.

Visit a Local Attraction

Rainy days are a great opportunity to check out the local spots you haven’t gotten around to seeing. Visiting your local museum can help you discover fascinating things about your town. Knowing the history behind the city gives regular destinations new and special meaning. It allows you to think about how the city’s history helps create your own. Checking out the local museum also makes you the best tour guide when friends come to visit. If your kids are brimming with energy, see if there’s an indoor spot for them to run around. Laser tag, trampoline houses, and glow-in-the-dark putt-putt are great places for kids to wear themselves out.

Hit the Spa

If rain is keeping you from relaxing on the beach, the spa is a great plan B. Spend an hour getting a deep-tissue massage or pedicure and you’ll be relaxed for the rest of the day. The background noise of rain only adds to the peaceful atmosphere while you’re visiting the spa. Be sure to check out Groupon for savings and specials on couples packages. Many spas run discount coupons for couples year round.


Rainy days are an opportunity to slow down, reflect, and try your hand at something new. Have you always wanted to paint, draw, or write but never had the time? Take the time to create something for yourself. You’re not trying to become the next Picasso, but you can make something that you’re proud of, and maybe learn something about yourself along the way. Painting on a big canvas is a fun activity to get kids and other family members involved in as well.

Brave the Storm

Avoid going outside during intense thunderstorms, but if the rain and thunder have let up, try exploring the beach in muggy weather. The beach will likely be empty, or at least much less crowded than usual. Storms usually bring more dramatic waves and flush out much of the wildlife hiding under the sand. Taking a walk right after a storm is a great opportunity to see your beach from a new perspective. If the storm was strong enough, you might even find something washed up on shore from long ago.

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