Six Forgotten Items to Pack for Your Vacation

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Packing for a week-long vacation is a chore in and of itself. You have to pack enough clothes, and at least two backup outfits in case of an emergency. We’ve all been up at midnight the night before we’re meant to leave, surrounded by piles of stuff with an empty suitcase.

It’s always tricky to find that balance between being prepared and overpacking. Now, you’d think packing for a day at the beach would be a bit easier, but it’s still easy to forget the little stuff.

We all know to make sure we have a towel and sunscreen, but what about the other essentials? Here’s a list of things you probably forgot to put in your tote bag:

  • Bug spray

Mosquitos aren’t just a nuisance in the evenings and at night! Be sure to pack a bottle of bug spray to keep the pests at bay. Store your bug spray next to your sunscreen in your cabinet so you see it when you grab the sunscreen.

  • Lip balm

We always make sure we have sun protection for our body, but we often forget to take care of one of its most sensitive parts- lips. Thankfully, some brands of sunblock are beginning to add a free lip balm to the sunscreen package. Don’t forget to make sure your lip balm has SPF. Having moisturized lips doesn’t mean they’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Apply and reapply often, especially when you’re eating or drinking a lot.

  • A washcloth

This one is a little-known tip for those of you who get overheated easily. Wet the washcloth and then place it on the back of your neck for quick cooling. While you could use your towel to do the same thing, towels are bulkier and can feel suffocating to someone who is overheated.

  • Deodorant

Don’t worry, I’m fully aware that you’re still going to be sweaty and gross after a day outside- but deodorant isn’t just for sweat! If you’re wearing a bathing suit or short shorts, you’ve probably had your thighs chafe at some point. Applying roll-on deodorant can help reduce a bit of the chafing. If you’re going to use the deodorant just for this, just buy a cheap stick! You don’t want to end up using all your heavy-duty stuff for this, the lighter stuff works just as well.

  • Baby powder

Having your toes in the sand is a wonderfully relaxing feeling. Sand everywhere, and I mean everywhere? Not so much. Sprinkling baby powder on your skin helps remove the sand faster than using a towel. However, this tip is mainly for skin. Coating the inside of your car in baby powder is probably going to make a bigger mess than the sand ever could.

  • Hair ties

A quick rule of thumb is never to assume the one around your wrist is enough. Windblown hair tends to be harder to handle, and we all know how infuriating it is to have a hair tie snap when you need it the most. Buy a pack and keep it in your tote.

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