The Best Amenities You Can Provide for your Beach House Renters

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When prospective renters land at a vacation search engine website, the first thing they do is narrow down the results by setting filters to the most desired amenities. Being confident that your beach rental offers the most sought-after amenities means the difference between your home being reserved or being filtered out of the results. Here are 10 of the most commonly requested conveniences vacation-goers are seeking.


An essential service that any traveler demands these days is wireless internet access. Adults and children alike would not be happy at a facility that doesn’t allow for them to zone out while surfing the web or their phone, tablet, or laptop. This is a must-have service.


Memories with family and friends commonly center around cooking and eating. You can be sure that when a prospective renter is filtering through beach house properties that a beautiful kitchen is on the list. More than half of vacationers surveyed stated that one reason they choose rental property over other traveling options is so that they can prepare their own meals.


Rarely do people fill every second of their holiday with planned activities. Unwinding in front of the TV, especially after a long day at the beach is an advantage every coastal tourist or child enjoys.


While we have mentioned children, let’s discuss the importance of having a gaming console available. Parents can bask in some peaceful downtime as their favorite video game entertains their kiddos. In today’s world, this is a requirement for most families on vacation.


Especially for those traveling for longer than a night or two, laundry facilities of some sort make life a lot less stressful. And it’s not only your renters that benefit from the investment in a washer and dryer. Once they check out, getting linens clean is a breeze with onsite machines. Also, keep in mind that a regrettable spill means the difference between the vacation of a lifetime or a miserable memory.

Air Conditioning

Is there really much to explain here? If a person can’t walk into a lovely, cool home after a hot day at the beach, they are highly unlikely to return to that property or suggest it to anyone else.


At the very least, it is irritating not to have a convenient parking spot close to your vacation rental. That is not the feeling that you want renters experiencing on your property. Making sure that vacationers can get to and from their car and the house comfortably and quickly is an amenity that is worth the investment.


More and more vacation home renters these days enjoy the option of taking along their furry friends. Just be sure to include a pet fee for any damage that may occur. This one offer dramatically increases the number of people that are interested in your property.

Balcony or Porch

When most people dream of relaxing on vacation, they picture themselves sipping an ice-cold drink and sitting on a beautiful porch or balcony. This addition to your rental property allows guests to truly take in the scenery without needing to leave the premises.

Indoor Recreation

While fun in the sun is one of the leading activities of any beach-goer, playing games in the air-conditioning with family and friends is a close second. Just adding something like a pool table to your game room will instantly grow your rental audience.

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