The Best Beach Cars

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As the temperatures of Texas spring heat up into summer, we know you’re heading to the shoreline to cool off. One of the beautiful things about having a beachfront property is being able to camp on the beach from sunrise to sunset. Often, the best beachfront campsites are built around a sturdy four-wheel drive vehicle. Whether you’re planning on keeping your car mostly stationary as you soak up the sun, or you plan on cruising the beach, the following vehicles are our recommendations:

Jeep Wrangler

We recommend Jeep Wranglers for a couple of reasons, starting with value. These vehicles are sturdy, build for endurance, and many newer models can be found on the market for under $25,000. Of course, you can buy a used Wrangler for well below this price point.

Wranglers also boast four-wheel drive, which you will certainly want to avoid becoming stuck in the sand. If you frequent Texas beaches, you may very likely have seen a sedan stuck in the sand and a car with four-wheel drive pulling them out.

Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner has a 270-horsepower, V6 engine. Not only is this power going to give you the extra punch that you need to move around easily on soft sand, but if you choose the 4Runner Pro, your car will be equipped with high-quality shocks. This will enable you to absorb any expected, or unexpected, impacts while offroading.

The 4Runner Pro also provides drivers with a terrain select system with four different modes as well as a kinetic dynamic suspension system and a locking rear suspension. Additionally, the traditional body-on-frame SUV structure gives the 4Runner a low center of gravity, protecting you and your passengers from rollover accidents.

Nissan Xterra

While its noisy cabin won’t make the Nissan Xterra a prime choice for a road trip, the Xterra is a great beach car. Similar to the structure of the Toyota 4Runner, the Xterra’s body-on-frame build makes it a sturdy option when navigating unruly terrain. In addition to this feature, the cargo area is easy to wash and maintain and provides ceiling hooks, floor cleats, and a storage box.

Outfitted with a V6 engine, a fixed-speed transmission, shock absorbers, and off-road lights, whether you’re simply parking on the beach for the day or driving out into rocky terrain, the Xterra provides the power, sturdiness, and support that you need to get around easily.

Drive with Caution!

As always, before you steer out to the beach, check to make sure that you can safely access it with your vehicle. While a portion of Texas beaches are friendly to drivers, you will get a ticket if you find yourself driving on a beach that is either private or prohibits driving. Respect the beach and your fellow beachgoers!

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