The Best Sports to Play at the Beach

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Spring is in full swing and summer is fast approaching. As temperatures soar, you might be looking to get active in the relatively cooler environs of the Texas Gulf Coast. Whether you are at South Padre Island, Galveston, or somewhere in between, Texas has plenty of miles of open sand for you to get together with friends and family and be active at the beach. Whether you partake in organized sports or spontaneous activities with the family, there are plenty of ways to have a blast at the beach this summer:

  • Beach Volleyball: The classic beach sport. All up and down the Texas coastline, beach volleyball games will be the highlight of beach social activity. You can have a team of your own, and if not, other beachgoers will be eager to join.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Often just referred to as ‘Ultimate,’ this takes the classic Frisbee tossing at the beach a bit further. If you get a big group together, you can even make teams and set more rules, making for a competitive, active, and fun day running up and down the beach.
  • Soccer: As if the sport wasn’t tough enough on regular grass, soccer in the sand is more physically demanding and unpredictable. You might be searching for the ball in the dunes, or fishing for it in the ocean. Either way, with Texas’ flat and vast beach spaces, soccer is always a great choice.

If you have small children, some of the above sports might not be ideal. Here are some ideas for fun sports and games for families to play at the beach:

  • Tug of War: Using a skipping rope or other type of rope, draw a line in the sand and divide the adults and kids into teams. Then, pull with all of your might and see who falls into the water!
  • Sand Hopscotch: The classic kid’s game, brought to the beach. Find some sticks, shells, and stones and make a hopscotch course that the entire family can enjoy. Watch out for the hot sand if you’re off of the water.
  • Who can dig the deepest hole?: Digging in the sand can be demanding. If you work as a team with the whole family, you can make a competition out of who can dig the deepest hole, and maybe even climb down in there to get out of the sun. Maybe you and your family can try to fill the hole with water, making for an entertaining afternoon in the sand. Just remember to fill the hole once you and your family are done so as not to create a safety hazard along the beach.

As we approach the height of beach season in Texas, there are plenty of activities to keep you and the family occupied and excited to enjoy the cooler air along the waters of the Gulf. Remember to always be mindful and respectful to other beachgoers, and get out there and have some fun!

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