ocean view from the deck

Three Benefits of Living in a Beach House

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Beach house owners understand the many benefits of living near the ocean. I can feel it now. The coarse sand sifting between my toes and the warm Gulf saltwater washing through my hair after I dive deep below the surface in the midst of that Texas heat. Every time I feel the ocean-induced daydreams come over me, I think to myself how nice it would be to live by the beach forever.

But, wishing won’t buy you a house on the coast, so I began doing some research to see just what life would be like if we really pursued that dream. I found through my conversations with locals that life slows down to the pace of the waves, friends, and family spend more time on the water than in front of the TV, and the worries we all inevitably have felt just a tad lighter on our shoulders. Of course, it’s not all picture-perfect; however, the pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion. Here are the top three benefits of living in a beach house:

  1. It’s healthier for you! The salty air itself is actually filled with negative ions that enable us to take in more oxygen, not to mention all that Vitamin D you will absorb from the sun. If simply being in a different mindset while you’re at the beach is the case, then that alone will result in better health from a brighter outlook on life.
  2. The outdoor activities are endless and beckoning you to explore. From fishing, SCUBA diving, boating, paddle boarding, sandcastle-building, wake surfing, and more, there are boundless opportunities for you and your loved ones to get outdoors and enjoy nature. The kids will love the Sargassum (seaweed) that contains hundreds of organisms like seahorses, crabs, and more. Shake it out and learn something new every time!
  3. You will always have access to fresh seafood. Whether you are into reeling in your own fresh catch of the day or you like for someone else to do the hard work, being near the ocean means fish, shrimp, and lobster for days! You will never face a shortage of delicious food to share with your loved ones.

ocean view from the deck
Of course, there are many more benefits to living at the beach. These are just a few that peaked my interest the most. There is something emotive and inspiring about imagining boats sailing in and out of the harbor, surfers waking up at sunrise to catch a wave, roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, and locals kicking back to appreciate the simple things in life. By living there, one has the chance to make this their everyday reality. Let the meditational pull of the ocean sing you to sleep each night, and close your eyes knowing you are living what most dream about.  I can’t help but feel like life just sounds better by the sea.

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