Tips for Going to the Beach During Hurricane Season

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Although some people try to avoid the beach during hurricane season, visiting between June 1st and November 30th (the official dates of hurricane season) can have its perks. Many hotels offer discounted rates, you can explore beach towns with fewer tourists hanging around, and flights to the hottest beach destinations are often cheapest during this time of year. Travelers should always pay close attention to weather advisories issued during their stay. If you decide to make the trip, here are our tips for keeping safe without compromising on fun.

Buy Traveler’s Insurance

Purchasing travelers insurance allows you to plan a beach trip without worrying about whether the money spent booking accommodations and plane tickets will be wasted should severe weather conditions form. If a hurricane forms mid-trip, forcing you to leave early, comprehensive plans allow for reimbursement of the money you spent on a hotel that you weren’t able to stay in. Should weather conditions form that cause you to cancel a trip altogether, you’ll have the ability to get reimbursed in full.

Not all insurance plans are created equal, so we’ve got some tips to help avoid pitfalls.

  • Read through your policy carefully so you understand exactly what is covered. We recommend comprehensive plans that cover all expenses.
  • Should a hurricane form while you are on vacation, contact your insurer immediately. They will be able to initiate your claim and get you much-needed reimbursement, and they will also be able to offer important information on getting you home quickly and safely.
  • Make sure to ask if your policy covers weather specific issues.

Having comprehensive traveler’s insurance lets you book a trip with confidence, knowing that if something does go wrong, you won’t lose all the money you spent.

Be Flexible

If a hurricane strikes while you are on vacation, you could be stranded away from home for a few days longer than you originally anticipated. Before leaving, make sure not to schedule any important work events immediately upon your expected return. Also, make sure that pets and children will be taken care of should you end up being forced to stay away for longer than expected.

Book a Cruise

The mobility of cruise ships allows them to make sure the party never stops. Since most cruise ships travel at twice the speed of a hurricane, they can simply reroute should they find themselves in the path of a storm. Colleen McDaniel, the senior executive at Cruise Critic, said that “while you might not get to visit every — or any — island on your original itinerary when dodging a storm, cruise lines will usually do everything they can to replace missed ports with new destinations.”

Prepare When Packing

Make sure to stow away some extra safety tools if you’re visiting the beach during hurricane season. Flashlights, batteries, and portable phone chargers will come in handy should you find yourself stranded without electricity.

Act Quickly

Should news of a hurricane develop while you are on vacation, pack up and fly out of the hurricane’s path as quickly as possible, even if this means flying to a nearby island. Acting quickly could save you days of lost time in the long run.

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