Ultimate Beach Packing List

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Getting ready to head down to the beach for a weekend? Check out our packing list to make sure you’ve got everything you need to have a blast. We’ve got the essentials that you want to make sure not to forget, as well as some extra items you can throw in at your own discretion.

Swimsuits are an obvious essential for any beach trip. Double check that it’s packed before heading off. We suggest bringing two if you’re going to be on the beach for a few days. An extra pair is always handy if one tears. You’ll also want to have a dry one on hand for those beachside volleyball games.
Swimsuit color is always a balancing act. Darker colors absorb more light and heat up more than light colors, but light colors tend to fade in the sun quickly. If you don’t mind the extra heat, darker swimsuits tend to last longer.

This is the most important item after your suit. Pack sunscreen before you get to your destination, as beach towns often have high prices on even the lowest quality sunblock. If you have the time to wait for shipping, we suggest buying online. Online retailers have high-quality products that protect from the sun without using chemicals that harm your skin.

Portable Cooler
It gets hot out there on the sand, and if you’re running around or surfing, then you’ll be burning calories much quicker than you think. A portable cooler allows you to enjoy lunch and plenty of water without having to pack up and leave. Coolers can be reused for other trips down the line as well. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or sitting at the beach, a portable cooler always comes in handy.

Beach Towel
Beach towels are perfect for laying out and relaxing without the hot sand on your back. Beach towels today come in almost every shape and size you can imagine. Grab a nice towel for yourself or a giant towel that has room for the whole family.

Water Shoes
Often an overlooked part of the packing process, water shoes are helpful on any beach trip. During mid-day, the sun cooks sand to a temperature that is painful to walk on barefoot. You can avoid this with some flip-flops, but then you have to leave the flip-flops with your towel. Water shoes allow you to move in and out of the water without stepping on hot sand.

Water shoes are especially important if you’re going to walk on rocks or along cliffs. When feet are exposed to water for a couple of minutes, the skin softens up and becomes tender. Feet are then more susceptible to cuts and bruises. Water shoes protect feet from sharp rocks and edges.

A Good Book
Playing at the beach is fun, but most of us don’t have the stamina to romp for a whole weekend. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to start. A few days next to the waves will give you the perfect opportunity to relax and dive in.

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