What nail polish is good for the beach?

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One of the best parts about going to the beach is showcasing the summer bod that you’ve been working so hard for. However, some people focus so much on what swimsuit to wear that they forget a crucial part of any beach outfit – your nails!

Because sandals, flipflops, and going barefoot are all essential parts of proper beach attire, you’ll want to make sure that your feet and nails look the part. Believe it or not, much like silly style rules like “no white after labor day,” there are certain shades that are more socially acceptable than others for lounging on the sand. Below we have compiled a list of brands and colors that we recommend so that you can put your best foot forward:

  • Ulta Gel Shine Nail Lacquer – Bright Coral: We love this ocean-inspired color for anyone looking to spruce up their beach day outfit. Soft-toned pinks like this shade are a perfect complement to those clear, blue waves and will definitely stand out not only on the beach but also in any Instagram photos that you may want to take. Plus, the Ulta Gel Shine brand gives off a nice polished look that is especially water-resistant.
  • CÔTE NO. 3 – Peachy Beige: We understand that some people may prefer a more natural, subtle look. That’s why we recommend CÔTE NO. 3’s Peachy Beige color to give your toes just a little pop when you’re walking through the sand or relaxing ocean-side. We also love this color for any beach parties or weddings that you may attend!
  • Zoya Natural Nail Polish – Orange Coral: Not only are Zoya’s nail polishes relatively inexpensive, but they also provide a rich, bright color that will definitely help you stand out this summer. You can use this nail polish with a classic monokini or ever a daring black one-piece. Any way you wear this color is sure to elevate your beach look!
  • Zoya Natural Nail Polish – Frosty Periwinkle: We know what you’re thinking – frosty? At the beach? Trust us when we say that this cool-toned polish is the perfect complement to any color swimsuit. Plus, this nail polish is easy to apply and typically fairly long lasting – perfect for those who want to parasail or swim!
  • China Glaze – Summer Rain: This nail color gives your look some shock value in the absolute best way. If you are feeling daring and are ready to show off this summer, we highly recommend this color. The bright purple looks good on everyone – and we really mean everyone!

None of these colors appeal to you? There are plenty of other options to explore! We typically recommend that you stay away from darker colors that are usually reserved for winter, especially those navy blues. We also recommend that you stay away from too bright reds, as those are best saved for a night out. However, the most important part is that you stay true to yourself and style. If you feel good, you can rock any nail polish – whether you’re on the beach or not!

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