What To Do in Galveston Besides the Beach

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Galveston, Texas is a city filled with rich history and industry. If you’re planning to make a trip out to the city, you’ll definitely be spending time on the beach. However, Galveston has lots of cool attractions to offer besides the sand and waves. There are plenty of museums, historic spots, and amusements parks to visit. Read through for information on some must-visit Galveston destinations.

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig
Galveston is located just south of Houston. These two cities and the areas between them are filled with refineries, shipping companies, and offshore drilling operations. The oil and gas industry play a crucial role in the area’s economy. If you’re looking to learn more about what goes into offshore drilling, the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig is a great place to get some hands-on experience. The retired rig serves as a fun opportunity to get some experience with ocean drilling operations in a safe, family-friendly environment. The museum has three different stories of exhibits, models, and interactive equipment. The tour is self-guided, allowing families to move at their own pace.

Bishop’s Palace
Bishop’s Palace or the Gresham House is a marvel of modern architecture. It is located in the city’s East End Historic District and serves as a historic landmark. Many consider this home to be one of the most significant homes built with a Victorian style of architecture ever produced. Because of this, it has achieved national landmark status through the National Register of Historic Places.

Affaire d’art – International Fine Arts Gallery
Located at the corner of 23rd and Postoffice street, Affaire d’art is one of Galveston’s most impressive art galleries. The gallery offers free admission and displays art from a wide variety of artists from all over the world. Owners Alicia and Nikki spend their time in the shop and will gladly discuss the pieces with you. They are knowledgeable and add to the experience of visiting an art gallery.

Moody Gardens
Moody Gardens has it all and is big enough to spend a couple days in. The place is part museum, part zoo, and part amusement park, and divided into three distinct sections, each housed in a separate pyramid. The first offers exhibits and information on deepsea wildlife and conservation efforts in the area. The second section houses exotic, free-roaming animals. Tour guides walk the grounds and give information on the pyramid’s inhabitants. If you’re lucky a monkey might walk up and say hello. The last pyramid is one of the state’s largest water parks. There is a lazy river, swim-up bar, and plenty of huge slides for the thrill seekers.

Pleasure Pier
Redesigned after the first pleasure pier was destroyed during a hurricane, Galveston’s newest amusement park sits right along the water. The pier has a classic carnival feel, with games, rides, and lots of snacks. Things can be a bit pricey inside the park, so we suggest eating a big lunch before heading in. The park’s most intense ride slings you out seven stories over Galveston Bay and reels you back into safety.

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