Why You Should Give Texas Beaches a Try

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Summer is almost here. Your mind is filled with daydreams of beautiful sandy beaches and the relaxing sound of its waves. At this point, I sincerely doubt the beach that is floating through your mind is one of the many beaches on the Texas gulf coast. Almost always overlooked, this 367-mile stretch of perfectly warm water offers a pleasant swimming temperature, relaxed vibes, and eclectic seaside eateries that visitors are unlikely to find at any other American coast.

We’re presenting you with just a few of the many reasons that America’s Third Coast is worth visiting.

You’re not going to shriek when you dip your toes in! With water temperatures reaching the mid-80’s in the summer months, you can immerse your body all day without needing to escape any frigid water to warm up. Bring along a frothy beverage and unwind in the waves.

You won’t be visiting some posh place. Of course, there are some crazy cool mansions to check out, but Texas beaches are inhabited by down-to-earth people like you and me. You’ll find that most shops and restaurants are owned by folks that have lived there for years and enjoy some good conversation and soul-infusing sunshine.

Who doesn’t adore watching baby turtles making their way to the ocean at sunrise? If visitors arrive early in the morning anytime from June through August, they’ll likely get to gawk at itsy bitsy sea turtles slowly making their way to the waves. There is even a hatching hotline you can call to be sure that the babies have hatched and are in pursuit of the water. Call 361-949-7163 to get more information.

If you enjoy beach camping, this is the place to be. Comforted by a cloak of humidity, there is nothing more relaxing or romantic than listening to the waves, watching the seagulls, and viewing the sunset on a Texas beach. Be sure to camp on Mustang Island, where there are miles of paddling trails. Set up a tent at Padre Island National Seashore and enjoy birdwatching, windsurfing, and kayaking. If you’re frugal, this is the way to do it. Most beach camping areas only cost a couple of dollars per night.

Suspicious of sharks? Don’t be. No one has been killed by a shark in Texas since 1962. Florida is the state to visit and be anxious about sharks. In the Texas Gulf, we enjoy the sunshine and warm water without the fear of losing a limb.

Additionally, who doesn’t enjoy speeding down a water slide? In Galveston, you’ll find one of the superb Schlitterbahn locations that offer adrenaline-filled thrills without costing you too many bills. If Galveston isn’t the spot you choose, you can enjoy the Schlitterbahn fun at two other gulf locations: South Padre Island and Corpus Christi.

So, the next time sandy beaches and sunshine are calling your name, head to America’s Third Coast in the Texas Gulf to soak up some rays and splash in some waves.

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