An Instagram Influencer’s Guide to Beach Pics

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If you’re an Instagram influencer, you know how important it is to get the perfect shot for your feed. Pictures that are high quality with great editing and a nice background rake in the likes for your page, and may even bring in new, outside followers to your page. For those who make their livelihoods off the platform, the perfect beach picture is essential.

The beach is a perfect place to get that winning shot for your feed. Everyone loves the beach, and you have ample opportunities to take some photos that really capture your style and individuality.

Whether you’re a well-established influencer or are just beginning to build up your brand, check out our tips for the perfect shot!

Pick a Time

Taking pictures in large crowds is always difficult. If you want to grab a quick picture for your page, you should definitely aim to go to the beach when it is not as crowded. Fewer crowds mean that you’ll have to worry about someone else going into the frame, and you all the good locations for pictures may be occupied by someone else. To avoid massive amounts of people interrupting your photoshoot, you should take photos at the beginning and end of the day.

Familiarize Yourself with Editing

Because of the sunlight on the beach, getting a picture-perfect shot can prove to be a bit difficult. This is because of the sunlight, and it can often make your picture overexposed. Sometimes, even how hard we try, the sun can still make its way into our photos, ruining a shot that would otherwise be perfect. To combat this, you should definitely familiarize yourself with and invest in editing programs that can reduce the levels of overexposure.

However, you do not have to be an expert. There are several mobile apps that make it easy to edit your Instagram photos!

Switch up the Outfits

Of course, getting a shot in your swimming suit is essential for Instagram. How else are they going to know what you’re doing on the beach?

However, to bring some diversity into your shots, you should wear some other clothing too. Consider buying some cute, casual dresses or even a romper or jumpsuit. These outfit changes will show your versatility and truly make your content stand out from the thousands of beach bikini pictures.

Tap into your Roots

Another way to help your photos stand out during vacation is by going back to your roots as a child. Who doesn’t love to make sandcastles at the beach when they were younger? You could take a glamorous while still fun shot with one of your beautifully created sandcastles, or you could make yourself a mermaid in the sun. Either way, you’re showing that you know how to have fun and that will definitely bring more likes and followers onto your page.

We hope that you found this list helpful! Just follow the tips above and you’ll be well onto your way into getting that absolutely perfect shot.

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