Best Beach Towels for Your Beach House

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Coolest Beach Towels This Summer

Looking for a new towel to bring to the beach this summer? We’ve got great beach towels for everyone: Fun towels for the kids, sturdy towels for our frequent beachgoers and beautiful tapestries for large groups. Check out our favorite beach towels that help your beach set up stand out.

EUGO Pineapple Fruit Beach Towel

This pineapple themed beach towel does it all. Over 9 feet long, and 5 feet wide, you and a friend have plenty of space to hang out and catch some rays. Soft microfibers make this towel a great yoga mat. With vibrant colors, it works as a tapestry when not at the beach. No need to worry about cleaning either, this towel can be washed by hand or machine, and the microfibers aid in easy stain removal. $25

Ricdecor Round Beach Towel

Ricdecor’s round beach towel is our pick for group outings and crowded beaches. The circular towel spreads out five feet in diameter, making the most efficient use of your space. Ricdecor offers several different designs. Blend in with the lowkey blue mandala or stand out with the red watermelon. Thick microfibers allow the towel to sun dry much quicker than cotton towels. Leave it in the sun for just a couple minutes, and it will be ready for storage. It can be washed by machine or hand. $25

Towels Beyond Oversized Beach Towel

This traditional beach towel gets the job done out on the sand. Designed with large stripes, choose between five different color scheme options. Turkish cotton allows for ultra-fast drying. This towel has thick, double stitched borders to prevent fraying and ensure your towel lasts for many summers to come. Cotton is pure terry to maximize absorption and prevent shrinkage in the wash. This towel is affordable and sure to last. This can wash in the machine. $17

Enjoy Holiday Hooded Towel

Dress the kids up in something fun this summer. Enjoy Holiday’s hooded towels come in adorable shark and mermaid designs. Stretching two feet long and two feet wide, this blanket works fits well for kids two to seven years old. Soft cotton is made for children’s soft skin and does not irritate. The hooded cover protects from the sun while outside. Cotton is breathable to prevent children from getting too hot. The towel has arm holes to allow for complete body covering without compromising movement. Kids have a blast romping around the beach in this comfortable towel. This washes by both machine and by hand. $13

Big Mouth Beach Blankets

Big Mouth’s Beach Blankets have all the food shaped towels you could ask for. You’re certain to get some laughs rolling up with a five-foot-wide avocado blanket. Cheeseburger, cupcake, and sushi designs are also available. Vibrant colors make this towel pop anywhere you take it. The ultra soft covering makes it a great multi-use blanket. It functions well at the park or a concert. The blanket’s large radius allows for group hangouts, picnics, or catching some rays. It washes in a machine or by hand. $25

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