Decorating a Beach House

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When a guest steps into your beach house, one of the first things they will notice is the decorations. Though it may seem unnecessary to focus on decor, sprucing up your beach house will create a comfortable and relaxing environment. Below are some tips, ideas, dos, and dont’s for designing your beach home.

Consider your surroundings when decorating.

One of the best parts of owning or renting a beach home is the wonderful view of the water. Don’t be afraid to capitalize on your surroundings – this means choosing lighter, open curtains so that you and guests can take in the view, and using bright colors that will highlight the hues of the water. You might also consider using coastal-inspired plants to compliment the natural, beachy atmosphere.

Don’t be afraid of incorporating woven materials.

No beach home is complete without some form of wicker, woven furniture. There are multiple styles to choose from. If your beach home has a lot of wood patterns or darker features, you might consider the more popular brown-woven furniture to match. If you’ve painted your beach home with a lot of white for a more airy look, some lighter color wicker will compliment the room nicely. Regardless, any woven furniture will bring a casual feeling to the home that will undoubtedly make your beach house’s atmosphere more relaxing.

Mix up your shapes and colors.

Most beach homes will stick to neutral colors. In order to prevent your beach house from seeming too plain, be sure to vary the styles and textures. You might try wood or beige accents or adding subtle greenery. You might also experiment with different decorating techniques – maybe a lighter wood coffee table or smaller concrete decorations.

Try open layouts and furniture.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating or designing a beach house is filling an area or cramming it with too many belongings. To give your beach home a light and airy feel, be sure that you choose more open designs. Instead of enclosed cabinets or shelving, try cabinets with windows or even simple shelving. Similarly, avoid clumping furniture together or separating rooms with furniture or decorations. Putting a couch in front of a kitchen entrance or placing a table too near the front entrance can make your beach home seem smaller and detract from the picturesque views.

Be conservative with beachy themes.

Obviously you’re going to want some beach inspired decorations (a fish vase, some seashells, maybe even some ocean-inspired paintings) but these decorations go a long way. Too much can lead to your beach home seeming campy and detract from other features. Don’t be afraid to be a little cliche – just be careful not to go overboard either.

Above all else, make sure that your beach home is decorated to your specific tastes and styles. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some colors or themes that we don’t have listed, and don’t be afraid of personal touches either! A little splash of your favorite colors or styles is sure to impress and make your beach house unique and comfortable to you.

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