How to Book your Winter Beach Rental

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It is no surprise that the summer months are the most profitable months for those leasing out a beach rental to vacationers. After all, this is prime beach season! It’s also no surprise that those beach houses may notice a steep decline in their number rentals during the winter months. Most people don’t make visits to the beach during this time of the year, especially as children are back in school and everyone’s schedules become a lot more hectic.

Many beach homeowners accept defeat, not making any money on their investment during the fall and winter. This, however, isn’t at all necessary. Take a look at some tips to keep your beach rental booked and busy all year round.

Understand Your Customer

As the seasons change, the customers looking to rent your beach house change to. As previously discussed, most renters in the summer are families looking for some fun in the sun before school and work both start up again. These families leave during the winter, and oftentimes, surfers looking to catch bigger waves take their place.

If you’re looking to attract these surfers to your property, updating your listing to reflecting their unique needs and interests is an absolute must. Highlight the features that would be particularly attractive to someone who spends a lot of time at the beach, like a surfer. Do you have outdoor showers for surfers to wash off the sand from the beach with? Are you particularly close — making the trek with a heavy surfboard not as daunting? Do you have built in racks for them to hang up their boards on?

Of course, there are ways to market your property to a wider audience. Make sure to keep an eye out for popular events happening nearby, and mention them in your listing. Also make sure to sell the advantages of coming to the beach in the winter, such as the ability to trade harsh winter weather for a pleasant, tropical climate.

Change the Rental Length Requirements

Once you figure out who is coming to your town during the winter season, change your booking rules to adapt to their needs. Surfers are likely looking for a place to crash for a short weekend, so make your rental length requirement shorter. Those escaping the harsh winters of the north are likely looking to stay for an extended period of time, so make sure to extend your rental length period to accommodate their wishes. It may be hard to say goodbye to your weekends at the beach house, but your wallet will be all the better for it.


If your budget allows it, make some upgrades to your property to attract more customers. Attractive amenities include hot tubs, outdoor fireplaces, and more. With these features installed, customers are more likely to gravitate toward your property. In addition, they make your property even more popular during the busy seasons and allow you to stick out in comparison to other rentals nearby.

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