How To Keep Guests From Tracking Sand into the House

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Preventing houseguests from tracking sand into your house after a day at the beach can be tricky. Sand hides in hair and clings to clothes, and even the most considerate guests can end up sneaking some sand into your house by accident. Here are a couple of tips to keep your place free of sand this summer.

Create an Outside Wash Area

An outside change and wash area can prevent a great deal of sand from being tracked in. Privacy allows for guests to take off sandy clothes before heading inside, and a simple hose can wash sandy feet and hair. If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars, a portable outdoor shower can help guests wash more thoroughly. Clothes hooks and a small bench are also excellent additions to this space.

Sit on Chairs Rather Than Towels

Taking a folding chair to the beach is a great way to prevent sand from getting inside your home. Folding chairs can be easily washed off after a visit to the beach, and they can also be left out on the porch. Sand clings to towels, and towels need to be washed after each beach trip. With a folding chair, you can keep sand off your towels and use them to dry off.

Use Mesh Bags

Switching from closed bags to mesh bags will prevent sand from getting trapped inside because the mesh allows sand to shake out naturally. Also, mesh bags are waterproof and can be washed off with a hose before coming back inside.

Ditch the Shoes

Sandals and flip-flops prevent sand from getting trapped in socks and closed-toed shoes. Flip-flops are also easily hosed down outside. Most of the sand that ends up in your house will come from shoes, so having guests take their shoes off before coming inside will save you a lot of mess. If guests don’t want to walk barefoot, you can have some spare flip-flops and socks for inside use only.

Place a Mat at the Door

If leaving shoes outside isn’t an option, having a mat is the next best thing. Mats can absorb the sand and water picked up by your shoes at the beach. Be sure to purchase a mat designed for outdoor use—mats with a water dam border are made specifically for the purpose of absorbing moisture and dirt.

Smooth Floors Only

Carpeted floors trap sand and make it hard to clean up. Tile and wood floors allow for easy sweeping and clean-up. Brooms can sweep away sand in minutes, while vacuuming may take twice as long.

Wash Off the Pets

Unlike most guests, dogs won’t wash off on their own. Be sure to remember to wash down their coat before they head back inside after a day at the beach. Sand can get trapped in long hair and paws so rinse thoroughly. You should also avoid letting them lay on furniture immediately after coming inside because they may still have sand to shake off. Cleaning sand off the floor is much easier than getting it out of furniture.

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