Keeping Your Home Sand Free

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As much as we all love the sand, we don’t love bringing that sand indoors with us after our beach trips are over. Sand is messy, and we often find grains of sand remaining in our homes, cars, and clothes weeks after our beach vacations are over. Check out the following tips to keep the sand at the beach and out of your house.

Opt for Mesh Beach Bags

Solid beach bags keep sand contained in your belongings and increase the chances that sand will be tracked into your home. The holes in a mesh beach bag can rid your belongings of those annoying particles of sand, especially if you shake the bag well before entering your home. Cheap options like this bag from Dejaroo, LLC are available on Amazon, but if you’re looking for a more durable option, Madewell and Patagonia have options available.

Choose Specialty Floor Mats

Keeping mats on the floor might seem like a no-brainer, but not all mats are created equal. Mats such as the Waterhog mat were carefully designed to help stop the spread of sand and other substances. The Waterhog mat line comes with a variety of different options for each and every one of your needs. Consider purchasing some of these mats and placing them in high-traffic areas. You’ll notice less and less sand entering your home with every beach trip!

Don’t Skip the Shower

Again, this sounds like a no-brainer, but most people skip the shower in an effort to head home quick after a long, tiring day of fun at the beach. Most beaches have showers available near the exit, and showering down your body as well as your shoes is an excellent way to keep your home a sand free zone. If for some reason your beach doesn’t have a shower, consider buying a portable outdoor shower to take with you on your beach outings. You can even use it again before entering your home for added protection against the sand. Plus, you’ll be able to skip those lines and head home faster.

Try Out Baby Powder

Talk about a life hack! Keep a spare bottle of baby powder around by your front door when heading back from the beach. Baby powder absorbs the excess moisture on your feet — and other parts of your body — which makes it easier to remove the sand and avoid turning your home into a sandy mess. For those of you wanting a more natural option, cornstarch also provides a similar effect while remaining environmentally friendly.

Go for Tile

For those of you with the means to do so, switching to tile rather than carpet might be ideal for your family. Tile is easier to clean, so if sand does make it into your home, you’ll be able to get it out sooner than with carpet. Tile is also easier to clean spills or pet messes off of, making it an ideal flooring choice long after beach season has ended.

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