Lunch Options for Your Beach Day

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A day at the beach makes everyone hungry, but you might want to avoid the expensive restaurant options on the shore. You also want to pack something that’s not only easy to make but travels well too. The sand and the wind are also inevitable factors to consider when planning your meal. Consider these lunch options next time you head to the beach so you can avoid breaking the bank and standing in long lines.


Going for a wrap is a great choice for you and your family for a variety of reasons. Eating food wrapped in a tortilla or a piece of lettuce is way more interesting than a regular, old sandwich. The tortilla or lettuce also serves an important function too, keeping the filling safe during the ride to the beach. You won’t want your sandwich to get ruined on the bumpy ride. Plus, you have a lot of variety for your filling options. Do you want the classic peanut butter and jelly wrap or a fresh avocado wrap? It’s up to you!


Skewers are the perfect option for a beach lunch, First, skewers are super easy to make, so you won’t have to take a lot of valuable time away from packing to prepare your meal. Better yet, skewers allow you to keep sandy hands off your food and don’t require any additional utensils. This helps cut down on waste and saves you more room to pack other snacks and beach items. Skewers are relatively light so you won’t feel bogged down in the heat, either.

Grain Salads

The key to any beach lunch is too keep it light. You don’t want to eat a huge meal that will keep you from enjoying time in the sun or water. Grain salads are both delicious and nutritious as well as extremely light.

They’re also easy to make: just add your grains and vegetables together with a light dressing and you’re done! This is another meal with a lot of options — you can choose from farro or quinoa and roasted or raw vegetables. Try out different vinaigrettes to give your salads their own unique flavor.

Additional Items

In addition to these lunch options, you’ll want to bring a few other items for your beach meal. Pack some hand wipes to keep you and your food clean — a must with all that sand — as well as coolers and ice-packs to keep any perishables you bring along with you fresh and safe to eat.

And of course, nothing is more important than hydration. Make sure to bring enough drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the entire day, not just during lunch. Sodas have high levels of sodium that can actually keep you dehydrated, so go for water instead. To keep the oceans safe, pick reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones.

Choose one of these meal options and your beach trips will be taken to a whole other level, especially at lunchtime.

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