Protecting Your Beach House While You’re Away

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Having a vacation property on the beach has so many benefits. Your beach house can serve as a respite on the shore, another gathering spot for holidays and family functions, or even additional income if you choose to rent to vacationers. No matter your motivations, so many good memories can be made in your beachfront property.

Since many people’s beach homes don’t serve as their primary residence, planning for security while you are away is an important consideration. Though you may not keep most of your valuables there, it’s still important to make a plan for securing the overall property. Here are a few tips we recommend to keep watch over your beach house:

Relying on Neighbors – If you have made friends with your neighbors and you trust them enough, this can be a convenient way to make sure that someone has an eye on your property. They may be able to check the interiors and do some general upkeep like keep outdoor plants watered. Not only will this give you peace of mind but it will communicate to potential vandals or burglars that your property is regularly tended to.

Automatic Lights – You’re probably familiar with motion sensor outdoor lighting. Though this can be an effective way to let trespassers know that they can’t sneak around in the dark, you can also set up the interior of your home with smart bulbs. Smart lighting systems come with a range of capabilities, but you can essentially schedule them to go on and off remotely. Having the interior of your home lit up periodically, even when no one is home, can deter criminals from attempting to break in.

Security System – Investing in a security system is a great way to make sure that your home is secured. In the event that someone approaches your home and breaks in, if your security system has a camera, you may be able to later identify the person. Additionally, many security systems immediately alert the authorities once the alarm is triggered.

Property Manager – If you decide to rent out your beach house, having a local property manager oversee your property can ensure that someone has a working knowledge of the condition of your home. In addition to checking on your home, a property manager can easily coordinate with cleaning staff and the tenants who rent your property.

Changeable Locks – Investing in a lock system that can be reprogrammed from time to time will prevent renters from making a copy of your house key for later use. A couple examples of changeable locks are key fobs and keypads. Depending on the type, some can be reprogrammed remotely, or if you are renting, your property manager can handle it manually.

Owner’s Closet – Designate a closet for your personal belongings and keep it locked so that renters can’t get into it. This isn’t an ideal place for valuables, but works for lower priced items that you don’t want to be readily available, such as personal swimsuits and beach supplies.

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