Spring Cleaning Your Beach House

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Springtime is always welcome at the beach. Spring cleaning, however, is what you make of it. We all have friends who have a preternatural ability to bring order and appeal to the most chaotic spaces. Whether you have this skill or you’re simply proud of yourself for sweeping once a month, we’ve got some tips to make spring cleaning at your beach house that much easier.

Letting Go

All good spring cleaning starts with reevaluating the stuff you’ve accumulated over the year. (Hint: You’re probably going to find you don’t need a lot of it.) Now, if you have a Netflix subscription or you frequent the New York Times bestsellers book list, you’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo. Author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Kondo’s method for keeping clutter to a minimum has had a transformative effect on people’s relationship with their possessions.

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, many of us have an emotional attachment to the things we have. Especially for those of us who are sentimental, we may be tempted to avoid the de-cluttering phase of spring cleaning. We get it. Getting rid of things can be difficult, no matter if it’s clothing, old cutlery, decorations, you name it. However, we highly recommend giving it a try, no matter how much you end up parting with. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

Organize by Category not Location

When you’re organizing, the process can quickly get overwhelming. To avoid this, stick to categories when sifting through your things rather than organizing room-by-room. For example: If you’ve accrued a disproportionate amount of toiletries over the years, take a look at all of the materials that you have no matter where they are. This will allow you to get a more accurate perspective on what you have and what you can get rid of.

Focus on What You Want

When getting rid of possessions it is common to start with the least common denominator. What will be the easiest to part with? While this makes sense, this isn’t the best way to approach the task. Rather than focusing on the things that you don’t want, focus on the possessions that you want to keep. Putting the emphasis on keeping what you truly want, what serves a practical purpose, and what enriches your experience of your beach house will help you better decide what you can part with.

The Nitty Gritty

There’s no way we were going to give you a spring cleaning post without some good old fashioned cleaning advice. If you want to go the extra mile, the devil is in the details. Especially for your beach house, keep your grout, doormats, and patio furniture in mind. Sand ending up in every unsuspecting corner of your beach house is inevitable, and these three places are the most common spots for it to stay and stick. While cleaning your patio furniture and doormat is rather straightforward, grout can be a challenge. CLR® Bath & Kitchen Cleaner is the best remedy that we’ve found for cleaning grout. Simply spray it on, leave it for a few minutes and scrub it out with a grout brush.

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