Things to Do in Port Aransas Besides the Beach

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Port Aransas is known for its beaches, but there are many other interesting places to visit and things to do in the area. These sites are often overlooked, but can add great variety to a vacation to the Gulf of Mexico. The following is a selection of must-see spots and must-do activities near Port Aransas.


Cross something off of your bucket list while you’re at the beach and go parasailing! Port Aransas is one of few places in Texas where you can fly through the sky and see the coastal sights of the Gulf. There are many parasailing companies in Port Aransas to choose from. Guided parasailing exhibitions will allow you to see landmarks like the Aransas Port Lighthouse, and the shipwreck of the USS Worthington, all from 300 feet in the air. All parasailing guides are experienced and well-trained in safety measures, making them the perfect leaders for beginning parasailers. Although parasailing is not recommended for those with back or neck injuries, it is a safe and fun activity that can add some flair to your stay at the beach!

Port Aransas Museum

Port Aransas has its own unique culture and history, and you can find it on display at the Port Aransas Museum. The Museum is a kit house from the early 20th century that has been immaculately preserved and is now home to a multitude of artifacts and information about the Port Aransas area. Not only is the museum a stand-alone site of history and culture, but it is also a part of the greater Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association which preserves and restores buildings and historical sites all throughout the area. The museum has thousands of interesting photos, documents, and artifacts for viewing. Also, they have a trained staff that will happily be your guide on a tour of legendary Port Aransas landmarks.

Dolphin Tours

Make this vacation one your family will never forget by signing up for one of the many dolphin tours available in Port Aransas. Dolphin tours are typically a few hours long, and enable you to see a rare sight: dolphins in the wild. Experienced guides will take you on a boat, designed both for comfort and for optimal viewing of all types of sea life. On the tour, you will not only see an array of magnificent creatures in the water, but you will also get to see the coastal sites of Port Aransas. Enjoy wild dolphins, seabirds, and landmarks as you take an unforgettable cruise on the Gulf.

Port Aransas Nature Preserve

If you don’t enjoy the waves and prefer instead to keep your feet on dry land, a visit to the Port Aransas Nature Preserve could be just the thing for you. At the nature preserve, you can enjoy the unique environment of Port Aransas. Take a walk on one of the scenic boardwalk paths and see all types of seabirds, wildlife, and native plants. The nature preserve is an excellent spot for avid photographers and those who love scenic walks.

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