Tips for Creating Your Dream Beach House Deck

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A deck is an extremely important aspect of your beach house. Decks are a perfect opportunity to watch the oceans, grill a delicious dinner, or simply just spend time with your family. However, a beach house that you may be interested in may not even have a deck or the deck may be of low quality. For this reason, you might find it beneficial to create or renovate the deck at your beach house. Having a great deck can open the door for even more beautiful memories created at the beach and in your beach house.

However, it can be difficult to know how to exactly go about creating your dream beach house deck. Keep reading to get more tips!

The Materials

There are a wide variety of materials for you to choose from when making your beach house deck or renovating your beach house deck.

Because the climate around the beach tends to be very moist, it is important that you pick out the proper material for your deck. Here are some materials you should be considering when creating your deck:


Cedar is one of the best materials to make your deck out of. The reason why it is so great for your deck is that it has an extremely high oil content, which makes it highly resistant to water damage.

This is important because your deck will frequently come into contact with the water. You should definitely consider cedar for your deck.


Redwood is even stronger and more resilient than cedar because of its chemical makeup. Even better, the color on redwood fades a lot less quickly, so your deck will be looking brand new for years to come. However, redwood is more expensive than cedar so keep that in mind when you’re purchasing materials and finalizing your plans.


Like redwood and cedar, ipe is known for being able to resist moisture and water damage. In addition to this, it is a very durable material that is ideal for the rough and tough action that can come to a beach house.

However, ipe is not as strong against the sun rays, so it is important to keep that in mind when building your deck. You should definitely opt for this material if your beach house has adequate protection from the sun.

Additional Considerations

Materials aren’t the only thing that you will want to consider when building the deck for your beach house. You will also want to consider the smoothness of the surface. The last thing you want is a ton of splinters whenever you’re simply trying to spend time with your family on the deck.

Additionally, you will want to opt for a material that has a strong, vibrant color that does not fade quickly. Make sure that any of the materials you are considering will look good with the color scheme that you already have going on at your beach house!

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