What are the best ways to avoid getting a sunburn at the beach?

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Now that February is almost over, the beach season is finally upon us! Feeling the sun on your skin is one of the best feelings when you visit a beach; however, the after-effects of the sunshine can be brutal. There’s nothing worse than a beach day turned sour because of a sunburn. To protect your skin and to avoid ruining your beach adventure, we’ve compiled a list of sure-fire ways to prevent a sunburn this spring:

1. Watch the sun – The sun is at its hottest between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Though this may seem like the perfect time to take a dip or work on your tan, the direct sunlight can be super damaging for your skin. It’s best to avoid being in the sun during these hours, if possible, or at least apply sunscreen frequently.

2. Check your sunscreen – You may think that just applying sunscreen is enough, but you also want to check the brand, SPF, and quality of your sunscreen. Though the cheapest option may seem like the best idea at the time, and surely some sunscreen is better than none, there are some dos and don’ts. For example, do make sure that your SPF is at least above 30. Of course, the higher the SPF the better, but even we understand that the heavy duty SPF 100 might be a little much.

Also, we highly suggest water-resistant sunscreen. Even if you’re not planning on getting into the water, these sunscreens are more durable and don’t have to be applied quite as frequently outside of the water. Plus, you never know if you might get splashed!

3. Apply your sunscreen…everywhere! – Most people are so worried about their back, legs, and chest that they forget that other parts of your body are also super vulnerable to the sun. Make sure that you get your face (even your lips!), your ears, and your feet when you apply sunscreen. As someone who has burned the bottom of their feet before, trust me, it’s worth it!

4. Reapply your sunscreen often – We know it’s inconvenient, but trust us, taking a few minutes to reapply sunscreen every hour or two is a lot better than having to feel the burn later. Typically, you’ll want to reapply sunscreen every two hours. If you are in the water, we’d recommend every hour, even if you have water-resistant sunscreen. The Texas heat is brutal, and this is one time where it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Similarly, make sure to give your sunscreen time to soak in before jumping into the water, otherwise you run the risk of washing all the sunscreen off.

5. Take time outs in the shade – There’s a reason why your grandma told you that you never want too much of a good thing! Being in the sun constantly, no matter how much sunscreen you apply, simply isn’t good for your skin. Make sure to schedule some time in the shade to protect your skin, but also so that you don’t fall victim to heat stroke or dehydration.

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