What Shoes to Wear at the Beach

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The spring season is almost upon us, which means a lot of us have started taking advantage of the early-bird swimsuit sales. Part of the fun of visiting a Texas beach is showing off that new bikini or tankini purchase; however, people are often so preoccupied with their “beach bod” that they forget another awesome beach day accessory – your shoes!

While we are all for sticking our toes in the hot, warm sand, in reality, shoes are essential for many different areas of beach terrain. You will have to walk across the hot sidewalk, the dense, packed sand, and the mushy sand closer to the actual water when you are roaming the beach. Going barefoot the entire time may cause some major discomfort and can ruin the rest of your day.

Beaches can also be a tad dangerous if you’re not prepared. Areas that visitors do not usually tend to walk on can be littered with sharp rocks and debris that could cause injuries. Wearing shoes, however, significantly minimizes the risk – in fact, you might even learn to appreciate the added cushion!

For your safety, and because we personally love any excuse to shop for a beach outfit, here are some shoes that we think would be beneficial for your beach visit:

  • Flip Flops – These shoes are majorly associated with the beach already and are both versatile and stylish. We like these shoes because they aren’t super noticeable on your feet but still offer a lot of protection. Plus, they come in many different colors, making them easy to coordinate with any outfit!
  • Flat and Thong Sandals – These offer the same protection of flip flops but give a little bit more support. They also stay on your feet easier, meaning you can use them on the beach and in the water. Overall, this is probably our favorite choice for your beach shoe.
  • Ballerina Flats – Not all of us like to get down and dirty in the sand when we visit a beach. If you’re a fan of lounging on a towel or setting up a lawn chair, the ballerina flat is perfect for you. Not only will you look good, you’ll protect your feet from sunburn and keep them relatively clean.
  • Mandals – We also know that, for some people, looking cute isn’t the main priority. If you love to explore the beach and spend a lot of time in the water, mandals are the perfect compromise between accessibility and appearance. (It’s also great for those of us that were gifted with big feet!)
  • Water Shoes – Our last recommendation is the popular water shoe. Though they are generally made for mossy lakes, exploring the deeper sections of the ocean might also require some added protection from shells and critters.

While we do recommend wearing shoes during most of your beach visit, we also understand that there’s a freedom in running across the beach with bare feet. Just remember, if you choose not to wear shoes for any portion of your beach visit, be careful of debris and be sure to take a break if your feet start feeling too warm.

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